Useful forms and templates

Late exam registrations 

In case you couldn't register for an exam please use thisform to apply for late exam registration. But be aware, you'll need valid reasons when applying.

Thesis title change / deadline extension

Please use the web forms on the web page of the examination board

Transfer credits of Uni Bonn

When taking courses at Uni Bonn you cannot properly register and you'll need to ask the instructor for a "Notenschein" or certificate of academic achievement. You can send this template to the instructor, such that he can fill it out. Afterwards please apply with thisform to get the credits tranferred.

How many credit points will I get for lecture xyz?

Please take a look at the Credit points page to understand the general scheme and visit the Courses page for currently and previously offered courses. 

How can I register for examinations?

You can register online via RWTHonline or in person via the ZPA (central examination office).

(The office is located in the Super C building, Templergraben 57.)

If you go there personally you need to present your student I.D. when registering.

Please, tell the registration officer the following information: 

  • the name of the Master Programme (this is "Media Informatics") 

For exams of each course, tell him

  • the title of the course 
  • the name of the instructor 
  • the area the course belongs to, i.e. Computer and Communication Technology, Multimedia Technology or either Multimedia Use and Impact. If you do not know the area, look it up in CAMPUS or ask the student advisory team.

Note that the exams usually are either oral exams (min. 20 up to 45 minutes) or written exams covering the whole content of the lecture depending on your instructor.

Date and time of written exams are announced in the lectures and on the webpages of the courses. Oral exam dates are arranged with the instructor in person. Once you have registered for the courses with the registration officer, he/she will send the official registration forms to the respective instructors. The forms will be filled out after the exam and the instructors will send them back to the Central Examination Office, where the results will be recorded. If anything is unclear, please, don't hesitate to ask.

For which exams do I have to register?

You have to register for examinations in courses in which you want to take an examination!

You also have to register for examinations that you have failed and want to repeat this semester.
(You do not have to register for examinations at ZPA for seminars, German course exams, or labs.) 

If you want to take ANY examinations in lectures directly offered for MI you MUST register for them in the announced time frames (via RWTHonline or directly at the ZPA officer).

The exam registration in the summer terms usually does take place about start/mid of June. The exam registration in the winter terms usually does take place about start/mid of December.

Information about that can e.g. be found at the RWTH exam registration information page and typing Media Informatics in the given search field on that page. This information and the information below does refer to lectures directly offered for MI.

Registration for the retry exam date

A registration for the retry exam date (e.g. via RWTHonline) is in general ONLY possible IF you had registered for the first exam taking place after the lecture period and after you did not pass that exam (i.e. if you fail the exam, if you withdraw from the exam without medical certificate (equivalent to fail), or if you withdraw from the exam with approved medical certificate (exam attempt not counted)). 

If you did not pass the first exam and you want to attend the second exam date then you must register for the second exam date. That is _not_ done automatically. (You can register for the second exam date but you don't have to if you don't want to participate in the second exam date.)

When can I register for the retry exam date?

If a retry exam date is specified you can register for the retry exam date via RWTHonline until 7 (seven) days before the exam date (see the important reminder/condition for that below at IMPORTANT). 

If no retry exam date is specified a registration via RWTHonline for the retry exam is not possible. In this case, please inform the ZPA of RWTH Aachen that you want to participate in the retry exam (e.g. via email to the ZPA officer and providing the following information to him/her: 

  • the course name,
  • the credits of the course,
  • the lecturer/the professor responsible for the course,
  • and the location of the course (Bonn or Aachen).

IMPORTANT: A registration for the retry exam date (e.g. via RWTHonline) is in general ONLY possible IF you had registered for the exam taking place after the lecture period and you did not pass that exam.

Can I cancel examinations?

Yes you can. But only until three work days before your examination date. After that date you need a medical certificate. For more information, see here.

How can I find a thesis?

You can search for a thesis online on the various webpages of research groups and chairs. The experience shows that not all topics are published as available thesis projects and often the research assistants have topics ideas which are open and not yet published. Based on your interest your should be able to contact instructors, this includes Professors and assistants, directly and ask for open topics. In some cases you have suitable idea in mind and want to propose it yourself to research group.

Topics with industry are not common. Only in rare cases it works out that one finds two academic supervisors who agree to a thesis in industry. If you are interested in more applied industry related topics, try to find out which projects of research groups and chairs are in cooperation with industry. Often there are thesis topics related to the research projects in cooperation with industry.

Finally, you have to make sure to find two academic supervisors/examiners (Professors). They can be working at the CS departments of RWTH or Uni Bonn or at the Fraunhofer institutes FIT and IAIS.

How can I register my thesis?

You may register your thesis when you have achieved the following credits and they are shown on your transcript.

  • All credits in Communication Skills (12 credits)
  • At least 10 credits in Lab Work
  • And 24 more credits in CCT, MMT or MMUI.

In total, you'll need 60% of 90 credits, which translates to 54 credits.

If you found a topic with a supervisor from the CS department of RWTH Aachen University, University of Bonn, Fraunhofer FIT or IAIS, please consult with Mrs. Cuepper in the ZPA to register your thesis.

Attention: When the thesis is registered you'll have only 6 months to work on it.

Some supervisors allow/require a reading phase before registration where you work up a proposal and present your thesis idea before start to work on it. This can take 2-8 weeks depending on the topic and supervisor.