Winter Semester 2020/21

Course offers for the upcoming winter semester 2020/2021 are now available. If registration is possible in RWTHonline, it opens August 30th, 2020.

Compulsory modules

In winter semesters we usually offer two compulsory modules of the Media Informatics programme:

  • Designing Interactive Systems I (Compulsory Modules; 6 ECTS; Borchers; register here)
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics (Compulsory Modules; 8 ECTS; Klein; register here and check BASIS system for further details soon)

A preliminary timetable can be found here

The 3rd compulsory module is offered every summer semester:

  • Foundations of Data Science

More elective courses at b-it & Uni Bonn

This list includes all courses at b-it and many courses from Uni Bonn (that are listed for MI). This list may not be complete. If you are interested in any elective course from the CS department at Uni Bonn please contact msc-mi(at)

  • Pattern Recognition (I) (MMT; 8 ECTS; Bauckhage; register here)
  • Mining Media Data (MMT; 4 ECTS; Sifa, Bauckhage; register here)
  • eBusiness (MMUI; 4 ECTS; Rose; register here)
  • CSCW (MMUI; 4 ECTS; Prinz)
  • Language, Media, and Mind (MMUI; 4 ECTS; Thiering; register here)
  • Cryptograpyh (CCT; 8 ECTS; Nuesken; register here)

Also, we have some labs and seminar which are recently availabe for immediate registration (no central distribution process as in SuPra):

  • Seminar: Advances Topics in Cryptography (Communication Skills; 4 ECTS; Nuesken; register here)
  • Lab: Machine Learning on Encrypted Data (Lab Work; 9 ECTS; Nuesken; register here)

Courses at Uni Bonn are not managed in RWTHonline and hence, many of them have no registration. Please talk to the instructors if you need to register and how.

  • Foundations of Audio Signal Processing (MMT; 6 ECTS; Kurth; register here)
  • Introduction to Sensor Data Fusion: Methods and Applications (MMT; 6 ECTS; Govaers & Koch; check registration with instructor at Uni Bonn)
  • Intelligent Learning and Analysis Systems: Machine Learning (CCT; KP20927; 6 ECTS; Wrobel & Horvath; check registration with instructor at Uni Bonn)
  • Deep Learning for Visual Recognition (MMT; 6 ECTS; Weinmann; check registration with instructor at Uni Bonn)
  • Technical Neural Nets (MMT; 6 ECTS; Goerke; check registration with instructor at Uni Bonn)

Compulsory module component / online learning unit

For all students enrolled in Winter 2020 or later, as prerequisite to thesis registration you need to pass an online learning unit "Scientific Integrity". This is a central course offer by RWTH. It is offered every semester.

  • Scientific Integrity WS 2020 (please check RWTHonline; register here after October 12th, 2020)

Fraunhofer Lab Registrations for Winter 2020/2021

Next semester we offer the following Fraunhofer lab courses:

  • Data Visualization and Analytics (Meiendresch, Rose; Fraunhofer FIT)
  • DLT/Blockchain Lab (Osterland, Rose, Prinz; Fraunhofer FIT)
  • Development and Application of Data Mining and Learning Systems: AI Language and Vision (Dong, Bauckhage; Fraunhofer IAIS)

For more details on each lab offer please check this document.

Summer Semester 2020

In the summer semester 2020, we will have the following offers at b-it:

  • Foundations of Data Science (Mandatory Course; KP20904; 8 ECTS)
  • Visual Data Analysis (MMT; KP20909; 8 ECTS)
  • Game AI (MMT; KP20913; 8 ECTS)
  • Mining Media Data (MMT; KP22665; 4 ECTS)
  • Language, Culture, and Cognition (MMUI; KP20890; 4 ECTS)
  • Process Management (MMUI; LV 1229875; Module 1211902; 4 ECTS)

At Uni Bonn and RWTH Aachen are offered various other courses. All CS courses by RWTH Aachen can be found in RWTHonline. For CS courses by Uni Bonn, please check the BASIS system and contact us to check whether it is eligible for MI. All CS lab courses and CS seminars by Uni Bonn are accepted by default, for lectures, the list below shows already eligible CS courses by Uni Bonn:

  • Pattern Matching and Machine Learning for Audio Signal Processing (MMT; KP20929, 6 ECTS
  • Intelligent Learning and Analysis Systems: Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery (CCT; KP20927; 6 ECTS)
  • Data Science and Big Data (CCT; KP20926; 6 ECTS)
  • Seminar: Machine Learning for Sequential Data and Graph Data (ComSkills; KP00013; 4 ECTS)
  • Lab: Data Mining Challenges in Industry and Science (Labs; KP00014; 9 ECTS)
  • Seminar: Visualization and Medical Image Analysis (ComSkills; KP00001; 4 ECTS)
  • Lab: Visualization and Medical Image Analysis (Labs; KP00006; 9 ECTS)


In addition, we offer four Fraunhofer Lab courses in the summer semester. The seats to these labs were priorly assigned through a central application process. In case of questions please contact msc-mi(at) or the respective instructors.

  • Machine Learning for Safe Autonomous Driving (Mueller, Scharwaechter)
  • Design Thinking (Suleri, Jarke)
  • Semantic Data Integration (Quix, Lange-Bever)
  • Development of distributed Connected-Health applications (Velasco, Mohamad)