Application information

Language of Instruction

The program will be taught completely in English. All students will have to learn German or advance prior german skills in a mandatory German language course (native speakers or recipients of a bachelor degree of a german institution take an additional seminar instead).

Duration of the Program

Two years

Beginning of the Program


Deadline for Application

March 1st of the same year the program starts.

For applicants from Germany or the EU, or applicants who have received or are going to receive their first degree in Germany, application is possible also after March 1st. Due to an admistration break the portal end of May. The respective deadline will be mid of July.

Applicants from China may have to deal with application matters earlier (like till January) due to APS and interview matters. Further information about that can e.g. be found here

All international applicants (EU and non-EU) shall apply via the International Online Application. For further information on the application process, please contact the International Office at RWTH Aachen University.

Applicants from Germany or applicants who have received or are going to receive their first degree in Germany please apply via the following Online Application (Germans and first degree from Germany)

Information about the English language requirements can e.g. be found here: Language Requirements at RWTH.

Formal Entrance Requirements

A candidate should have a recognised first degree (Bachelor of Science or Engineering) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Informatics, or other closely related discipline, awarded by an internationally recognised university-level institution.

If a candidate has another first degree the background in computer science, math and engineering should still be strong, otherwise a bridging course will required or the application is not good enough for admission (Please note, we do not answer question about the eligibility via e-mail, simply apply).

Candidates should have also performed above average in their undergraduate studies.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test is mandatory for your application. Applications without GRE General Test results will be rejected immediately.

For English-taught programmes candidates must be able to speak and write fluently in English. We require certain language skills as listed here: Language Requirements at RWTH

Please make sure to meet the necessary English requirements before coming to Germany. Without proof of the mandatory English skills you cannot enrol and will be rejected. You cannot study at RWTH Aachen University. See Language Requirements at RWTH

To see further information, please check the examination regulations here. An inofficial translation can be found here

Special Entrance Requirements

The candidate should have a substantial background in computer science and mathematics. 

The candidate need to provide credits in the following areas:

  • At least 28 CP from the field of applied computer science, including:
    • min. 8 CP in programming,
    • min. 8 CP in data structures and algorithms,
    • min. 6 CP in databases and information systems,
    • min. 6 CP in software technology.
  • At least 18 CP from the field of computer engineering, including:
    • min. 6 CP in computer & electrical engineering,
    • min. 6 CP in operating systems and system software,
    • min. 6 CP in data communication and security.
  • At least 18 CP from the field of theoretical computer science, including:
    • min. 6 CP in formal systems, automats and processes,
    • min. 6 CP in computability and complexity,
    • min. 6 CP in mathematical logic.
  • At least 26 CP from the field of mathematics, including:
    • min. 6 CP in discrete structures,
    • min. 8 CP in mathematical analysis,
    • min. 6 CP in linear algebra,
    • min. 6 CP in applied stochastics.

Please note that credits are calculated by the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

In case background knowledge is missing, a bridging course is assigned as an additional program requirement. If the background is not good enough, the candidate is not accepted for admission.

Please note that we do not answer questions regarding your background knowledge via e-mail. Simply apply and await our decision.

For further general information please check the RWTH webpages.

If you have specific questions on course content please contact: