After Admission

Once you are admitted, the Life Science Informatics Co-ordination Team will assist you with the next steps.

These will include:

  • Assistance with room bookings in of the student dormitories
  • Visa assistance
  • Orientation on the documents required for your registration
  • Relevant information needed to smoothly get settled in Bonn and in Germany
  • Contact to your Life Science Informatics (LSI) Study-Buddies

Our support is aimed at getting you settled in Bonn as soon as possible so that you can focus on your studies as early as possible. 

The Master Program of Life Science Informatics emphasizes that no new incoming student should arrive alone. Nothing is worse than arriving in a new place with heavy luggage without any idea where to go next. It is the culture of this Master Program that we care for each other. 

Life Science Informatics Co-ordination Team will therefore pass -if you choose- your arrival dates to the Life Science Informatics Study-Buddies, senior students of the program, who will await you on your arrival in Bonn. They will help you to get your room keys, to get registered at the university and at the City of Bonn and will show you everything you will need to know for the beginning of your studies. 

Once you are accepted, you will first be notified by e-mail and will then receive the original Letter of Admission by registered mail. Moreover, Life Science Informatics Co-ordination team will be happy to assist you in the visa application process as well as in the application for a room within one of the student dorms.