Tips for getting accommodation in Bonn

Studierendenwerk Bonn

One major provider of dorms is Studierendenwerk Bonn. It is state-run, but does not belong to (also the state-run) University of Bonn. We suggest it as the first choice for international students.

 The monthly rate for a single room ranges from 250 to 400 euros per month (including additional costs).

Studierendenwerk also offers a very limited number of apartments with monthly rates ranging from 250-600 euros, depending on the size and location of the apartment.

    Private Dorms

    The rents of the private dorms are usually a higher than in the state-run Studierendenwerk. They depend on the size and the location of the room. Private dorms are offered by religious denominations or by private agencies. Speaking German may be a plus.

    Dorms offered by various denominations:

    Dorms offered by private agencies (notice: not all Websites are in English). Speaking German may be a plus:

    Platform to find accommodation (e. g. shared apartments). Speaking German and being in Bonn is a huge plus, if you choose this option: