b-it Lecture Series 2023

The b-it Lecture Series in Summer and Winter Semester 2023/2024 is organized by:

Professor Dr. Jürgen Bajorath, Professor Dr. Martin Hofmann-Apitius, Professor Dr. Holger Fröhlich

All talks will be delivered as in-person lectures in room 0.109 (b-it lecture hall) at 17:00 hours. Registration in advance is not needed.



Please find more information about the next talks below:


May 1, 2023

NLP challenges and solutions in regulated (medical) applications
Dr. Alexander Zien
Director of Data Science & NLP
at lexoro group, Heidelberg, Germany

December 7, 2023

Can large language models predict how people vote? Evidence from Germany
Dr. Anna-Carolina Haensch
Assistant Research Professor at the Joint Program in Survey Methodology at the University of Maryland
and Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Statistics at LMU Munich, Germany

April 25, 2024

Biological psychiatric research: comprehensive phenotyping, technological advances & trust-based global networking
Prof. Dr. Thomas G. Schulze
Institute of Psychiatric Phenomics and Genomics (IPPG)
at LMU Munich, Germany



Dr. Alexandra Reitelmann

Bonn-Aachen International Center
for Information Technology (b-it)
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53115 Bonn

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