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Follow us on Facebook Here you find all the information you need to participate in one of the B-IT programmes. We are looking forward to meeting you at B-IT in the beautiful Rhineland city of Bonn.

The B-IT building in Bonn

B-IT announces Student Photo Festival 2014

Read more about it at Student Photo Festival 2014 at B-IT

PhD and Combined Master-PhD Scholarships

The openings for these scholarships are closed now. The deadline has expired. Please visit this site up and then for new openings. Important note: Applicants who sent their material in the previous application period will be notified upon the receipt of their applications.

For more information please have a look here.

B-IT Master Programmes

Besides B-IT Research School, B-IT offers highly selective International Master Programmes in Applied IT as well as summer/winter schools for qualified computer science students. Most courses take place in the magnificent B-IT building next to the former office of the German Chancellor on the banks of the river Rhine in Bonn.

More information about the Master Programmes:

  • Master Programme of Autonomous Systems

  • Master Programme of Life Science Informatics

  • Master Programme of Media Informatics

    About B-IT Summer and Winter Schools

  • Upcoming Programmes of B-IT Summer and Winter Schools

Institutions Participating

    Fraunhofer FIT Fraunhofer IAIS Fraunhofer SCAI RWTH Aachen Uni Bonn B-IT Universities Institute Fraunhofer IAIS Fachhochschule
Bonn-Rhein-Sieg B-IT Applied Science Institute

  • NEWS
    Skolnik Award Award for Professor Jürgen Bajorath
    B-IT Bots successful at Robocup 2014!
    B-IT Founding Director Professor Armin B. Cremers celebrates 40 Years of University Lectureship
    Visiting Professor Steve Horvath featured in recent Nature Issue
    Talk by Professor Dr. Dieter Fox, University of Washington, Seattle