M.Sc. in Life Science Informatics

The Master Programme of Life Science Informatics is a two years course, accredited by ASIIN.

Structure of the Programme

The Master Programme of Life Science Informatics has the following structure:

1. Semester , 30 CP (CP: credit points)

Adjustment of Knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science
Introduction to Life Science Informatics (Bioinformatics I, Biological Databases)

2. Semester, 30 CP

Developing Skills:

Molecular Modelling an Drug Design
Bioinformatics II
Knowledge Discovery
Programming Lab I

3. Semester, 30 CP

Expanding Skills and Specialisation

Chemoinformatics II
Programming II
Total: 15 CP
Another 15 CP from electives

4. Semester, 30 CP
Master Thesis

Total yield of CP earned in the master programme (coursework and master thesis): 120 CP

Students have the opportunity to either specialise in bioinformatics or in chemoinformatics.

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