M.Sc. in Life Science Informatics

There are now two examination regulations valid for Life Science Informatics students.

1. The following examination regulations apply to students starting to study from 1st October 2019:

 Examination Regulations (in German only and legally binding)

The University of Bonn will provide an English translation that is not legally binding but will serve as a good translation of the Examination Regulations. More help on the new  examination regulations will be provided in class.

2. The following examination regulations apply to students who started to study before 1st October 2019:

Examination Regulations (in German, legally binding)

Examination regulations (English translation, not legally binding)

Expiration and replacement of these examination regulations (in German only). You can study under the old examination regulations if you have started your studies before 1st October 2019 until 30 September 2021. If you have not completed you studies by this date you will study then under the the examination regulations mentioned above at 1.

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