Lights out, spot on: ML2R-Blog provides access to expertise from application-oriented research

The Competence Center Machine Learning Rhine-Ruhr (ML2R), a partner organization of b-it, has launched its new blog. In the categories Application, Research and Foundations, researchers of the Competence Center and renowned guest authors provide exciting insights into scientific results, interdisciplinary projects and industry-related findings surrounding Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Competence Center ML2R brings forward-looking technologies and research results to companies and society.

Machine Learning is the key to innovative AI technologies. They optimize the transport of goods, improve medical diagnostics, automate manufacturing processes or allow for a better view of the universe through the machine-supported analysis of astrophysical data sets. In international market competition, the effective use of Machine Learning methods is an essential factor for corporate success. As a leading research institution for cutting-edge ML research, the ML2R significantly advances these forward-looking technologies and thus makes an important contribution to Germany’s economic and scientific standing.

In the new ML2R-Blog, which is launched today, researchers of the Competence Center as well as guest authors of its far-reaching network share their knowledge and expertise on Machine Learning methods. They hereby bridge the gap between research, industry and society.

Seven articles already await readers: a four-part series on ML-Basics as well as one article each within the sections Application, Research and Foundations. The authors illustrate why AI must be explainable, how obscured satellite images can be recovered using Machine Learning and show methods for the automated assignment of keywords for short texts.

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