IDEA League Doctoral School ECS-BIT’18 Held at b-it Research School 13.3.2018

The IDEA League is a focused network of leading European universities of science and technology, aiming to keep European research on engineeringsciences in a leading position worldwide.

Its members include TU Delft, RWTH Aachen, ETH Zurich, Chalmers University and Politecnico di Milano. IDEA League Doctoral Schools have recently been introduced as a means to foster the exchange and interdisciplinary cooperation among young researcherswithin and beyond the member universities.

As one early example, Prof. Barbara Pernici (Politecnico di Milano) together with Prof. Matthias Jarke (b-it) are organizing a distributed IDEA League Doctoral School 2018 in which 32 doctoral candidates from all member universities and a couple of research institutes including Fraunhofer attend two to four-day compact classes in each IDEA League site on various aspects of "EngineeringComplex Systems with IT and Big Data" (ECS-BIT'18).

The Aachen meeting (March 11-13, 2018) was held at the b-it Research School in Informatikzentrum Hörn and focused on fundamental concepts and practical experiences including process mining (Prof. Wil van der Aalst), knowledgegraphs for research information management (Prof. Stefan Decker), SocialNetwork Analytics (PD Dr. Ralf Klamma), Industry 4.0 integration (Prof.Thomas Gries), and Safety and Security (Prof. Stefan Kowalewski).

This inspired lively debates with the doctoral students who did not justrepresent the five universities, but also many disciplines and rich culturalbackgrounds from over 15 home countries from Europe, Africa, the Americas,and many parts of Asia. In addition to the scientific program, participants also take home memoriesof the hospitality of Aachen's historic old town, including a surpriseencounter with German President Walter Steinmeier and NRW Prime MinisterArmin Laschet in front of the Charlemagne's historic Cathedral.

Even though the two final meetings of the Doctoral School will still takeplace in Milano (May) and Göteborg (August), participants and professorsalike already voiced their appreciation of this exciting cooperation formatamong some of the leading technical universities in Europe, which nicelyfosters diversity in their personal collaboration network across manycultural boundaries.

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