b-it Media Informatics Graduate Wins Best Paper Award at National GI Conference “Mensch & Computer 2016” in Aachen

Mateusz Dolota, Media Informatics graduate of 2012 and currently doctoral candidate with Prof. Gerhard Schwabe at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, received the Best Long Paper Award at this year’s Conference “Mensch & Computer 2016” (Human and Computer) for their paper “More interactivity with IT support in advisory service encounters”.

The conference series “Mensch & Computer” is organized under the auspices of the German Informatics society (GI) to bring together scientists and practitioners to address innovations and future challenges in the digital age. This year, the conference was jointly organized by RWTH Aachen University and Fraunhofer FIT which had also co-founded the series in 2001. “Mensch & Computer 2016” brought together almost 750 participants, half of them from business, making it the second-largest computer science research conference in Germany this year.

Participants enjoyed keynote speeches about tangible interfaces to electronic music, more realistic user-centered design strategies in systems engineering, and a new low-cost Internet-of-Things interface device that is just being rolled out to over 700.000 British highschool students to offer them a playful introduction to the skills required for the future of the digital society.

Another enjoyable specialty of the conference was an enthusiastic team of more than 70 student volunteers from all over Germany and neighbor countries, including several b-it students. The conference was organized by RWTH professors Jan Borchers (b-it Media Informactis and HCI), Matthias Jarke (Information Systems, Fraunhofer FIT and b-it), Wolfgang Prinz (Cooperation Systems and Fraunhofer FIT), and Martina Ziefle (Communication Science). More details including download addresses for the conference publication can be found under

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