M.Sc. in Media Informatics

Next Semester (Summer 2018)

The current course offerings can be found here.

In this summer semester (SS 2018) one of the mandatory courses of the Media informatics programme is offered:

Object-Oriented Software Construction 

Currently this course is not offered but it can be replaced with one of the following options upon request. For further questions please send an e-mail to msc-mi(at)

  • Data Science and Big Data (18ss-62004)
  • Intelligent Learning and Analysis Systems: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (18ss-62008)

Please look into the BASIS system of Uni Bonn for course details.

The other three mandatory courses are offered every winter semester:

Data and Communication Technology

Computer Graphics

Designing Interactive Systems


Details about exam registration will be sent out via e-mail during the semester.

Offered Courses

All courses in Media Informatics are offered in English. There nevertheless exists a German and an English version of the system at the university for showing the courses, called campus system.

Links to the German version of the campus system (the information regarding the courses itself, except sometimes the course name, is usually given in English, too) can be found below:

 For information about requirements please take a look at Credit points and Structure of the Programme

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