M.Sc. in Life Science Informatics

Thesis Registration Form

The master thesis registration form is to be completed and returned to the exam office. Special care should be taken to outline both the computer science and life science contents of the proposed topic. Please note that thesis registration can only take place after having successfully completed 60 credit points.

Thesis reviewers

Students are to apply for master thesis projects in research groups that participate in the LSI teaching program or groups that collaborate or are in direct contact with LSI teaching faculty. Both the first and second reviewer must sign the form. The reviewers must be professors having the German qualification termed "Habilitation". One of the reviewers must be a B-IT professor.

Thesis approval

After approval of the thesis topic by the program head Professor Bajorath, the form will be returned to the candidate giving the deadline for submission of the thesis. Candidates have 6 months to complete the thesis. As an exception candidates may apply for an extension of the submission deadline. This must be done in writing to the program head and must clearly state reasons that would justify an extension and should be submitted to the exam office, an email is fine. Detailed information can be found in the exam regulations, both in English and German.

Further Guidelines regarding master thesis projects

Please take careful note of Professor Bajorath's guidelines regarding master theses projects and the attached list of LSI associated groups. Further information regarding the evaluators of the thesis topics.

Fact sheet

The following fact sheet provides information regarding the formalities to be observed when submitting your thesis:

Fact sheet for thesis submission

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