M.Sc. in Life Science Informatics

Module structure

The module structure gives you an overview regarding the modules, courses and credits for the LSI program.

The module structure has been revised. Students beginning in the winter semester 2017/2018 will study exclusively under this revised module structure, shown below.

Revised module structure: effective winter semester 2017/18

For students already enrolled in the program, it may be necessary to make up for courses which you chose not to attend or did not successfully complete with courses pertaining to the new module structure.
These courses will nevertheless be given credits in the modules belonging to the old module structure, shown below.

Module structure

In the following table, substitutes for mandatory courses no longer being offered in the LSI curriculum can be found. This will guide you in selecting the equivalent courses that you still must successfully complete to fulfill the requirements of the program.

Substitutes for courses no longer in the LSI curriculum





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