Survey Lecture Series on Uncertainty and Randomness Held at b-it Research School Aachen

This summer term (12.4.-12.7.2018), the DFG-funded Research Training Group

UNRAVel is organizing a Survey Lecture Series on „Uncertainty and Randomness

in Algorithms, Verification, and Logic“ in b-it Research School rooms at

RWTH Aachen University which is also open for b-it Master Students and Ph.D.

candidates. Internationally known researchers from several disciplines are

presenting overview lectures on their perspective of how to represent and

manage the increasingly important issue of uncertainty management in

computing and digitalization.

Lectures are held every Thursday, 16:00-17:30 hours, in b-it research school

room 5053.2, Informatikzentrum Hörn, Ahornstr. 55, 52074 Aachen (entry from


A detailed program can be found under


Lectures are open to b-it Master Students and Ph.D. candidates as well as faculty and researchers.





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