Short Video Festival at b-it

Short Video Student Festival 2013 at b-it

Announcement of Winners for the Short Video Student Festival 2013

The jury was impressed with the quality of the submitted videos. In order better accommodate the submitted videos the award categories have slightly be adapted to match the videos. All videos can be seen at: Short Student Video Festival. The winners are:

  • Winner category "Master Program": Video #1
  • Winner category "Student Life": Videos #2 and 3
  • Winner category "Science and Art": Video #5
  • Winner category "Robotics": Video #6

Honorable mention for videos #4 and #7 (staff member productions!) 

Congratulations to all winners! The awards were presented on 24 October 2013 within the Master Student Welcome Party 2013 in the presence of B-IT director Professor Matthias Jarke and professors and staff members of the participating master programmes.


The Short Video Student Festival 2013 is a video festival. It is held at B-IT in co-operation with the Master Programmes of Computer Science, Molecular Biotechnology and Neuroscience of the University of Bonn. It is aimed at introducing incoming students to their new master programmes, to life at the university and the Aachen — Bonn - Cologne (ABC) region.


The Short Video Student Festival 2013 at B-IT addresses in particular senior students of the following master programmes: 

  • Master Programme of Computer Science
  • Master Programme of Neurosciences
  • Master Programme of Molecular Biotechnology
  • All three B-IT Master Programmes:

These are:

  • Master Programme of Autonomous Systems
  • Master Programme of Life Science Informatics
  • Master Programme of Media Informatics

Senior students of the above mentioned programmes are invited to submit short videos about the following topics:

  1. Bonn or Aachen or the ABC region or
  2. The University of Bonn or Aachen University or B-IT
  3. The above mentioned master programmes

The best videos will be awarded prizes in the above mentioned three categories. The jury can decide if further videos will receive an honorable mention. Staff members are also welcome to submit videos focusing on the afore-mentioned topics, these, however, will not be included in the competition.


The submitted video should not be longer than 7 seconds and should be produced with one of the following apps or using the MPEG format:

  • Vine app
  • 7s app

Submission procedure for video submission with Vine and 7s and MPEG:

  • Create a video (max length 7 seconds)
  • Share the video on the following Facebook page: Short Video Student Festival Facebook-Site
  • MPEG videos: eMail them to info [at] b-it-international [dot] de If the video exceeds 30 MB please drop us an e-mail to info [at] b-it-international [dot] de and you will get further instructions on the mode of submission.
  • Please indicate your master programme

With the submission of the video to the Short Video Student Festival at B-IT the applicant accepts –where appropriate- the publication of his/her name on the Websites of the participating programmes. The winners additionally accept to be photographed at the Welcome Party (the award ceremony) and the publication of their joint photo on the institutional Websites and Facebook-Sites of the participating master programmes.


Study-coordinators of the above mentioned master programmes.

Deadlines and important dates

  • 15 October 2013 deadline for video submission
  • 22 October 2013 announcement of winners on this site
  • 24 October 2013 Award Ceremony during the Student Welcome Party of the above mentioned master programmes
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