Personal Orchestra

B-IT co-operates with Beethovenfest Bonn 2006 with the presentation of "Personal Orchestra". "Personal Orchestra" is a computer-based, interactive conducting system, giving you the opportunity to conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. It has been developed by B-IT Professor Dr. Jan Oliver Borchers, chair of the Media Computing Group Media Computing Group at B-IT. Professor Borchers will explain the system first. Then the audience will be invited to try "Personal Orchestra". The system user will get a baton fitted with an infrared sensor with which he can conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, which is projected with a beamer on a large screen. The Orchestra plays the music according to how they are conducted: faster, slower, louder or quieter. But be aware: If you do not conduct the Orchestra properly, the musicians will complain... Where and when can you make this conducting experience?

Personal Orchestra 
September 14, 2006 
7.30 p.m., Hörsaal 
Bonn-Aachen International Center 
for Information Technology B-IT 
Dahlmannstraße 2 
53113 Bonn 

How to get to B-IT : Please follow this link: How to get to B-IT? 
Please note: This presentation will be given in German. 

Please download the Flyer (.pdf, in German). 

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