b-it Life Science Informatics Lecture Series Summer Semester 2013

All lectures will be delivered in b-it lecture hall at 5.00 pm. 

From Networks to Pattern Formation - Computational Models of Development

20 June 2013 

Professor Dr. Dr. Dagmar Iber Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (D-BSSE), Switzerland 
Professor Iber was invited by Professor Fröhlich.


Theoretical models have long been used to understand developmental patterning processes. Recent advances in imaging and computing allow us to develop increasingly realistic models of developmental pattern formation that can be validated with experimental data. Such models open up new opportunities in that validated models can be used to clarify underlyingmechanisms and to make predictions about further processes. Most of the information about developmental processes is image-based and patterns typically evolve on growing domains. The geometry of the domain, in turn, can greatly affect model predictions. It is therefore important to simulate models on such physiological, growing domains. We have developed a pipeline that allows us to process developmental sequences of 3D geometric data, and to optimize our signaling models on these 4D domains. This allows us to address the mechanisms that control lung and kidney branching morphogenesis, as well as key aspects of limb development, body axis formation, and organ growth. 

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