b-it Lecture Series Summer Semester 2018

b-it professors organise a lecture series in Summer Semester 2017. This semester it is organised by:

  • Professor Dr. Jürgen Bajorath
  • Professor Dr. Martin Hofmann-Apitius
  • Professor Dr. Christian Bauckhage
  • Professor Dr. Holger Fröhlich

Venue: b-it Lecture hall , room 0.109 (ground floor), b-it building, Endenicher Allee 19 A, b-it entrance, 53115 Bonn

Time: 17:15 hours

 26 April 2018

Please note: This talk will begin at 16.30 hours.

Dr. Gerhard Hessler, Sanofi-Aventis, R&D, IDD/Synthetic Molecular Design FF, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Impact of computational and structure-based design on drug discovery

3 May 2018

Dr. Paurush Praveen, CluePoints, Brussels, Belgium

Machine Learning in Clinical Trials

15 June 2018

Notice: This talks will not take place on a Thursday as usual but on a Friday.

Professor Dr. Alexandre Varnek, Laboratory for Chemoinformatics University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France

Chemography approach to chemical space analysis

 21 June 2018

Dr. Malvika Sharan, Computational Biologist and Bio-IT Community Support at  European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg, Germany

From developing software to building community in bioinformatics: How to find your niche in science.

Read more: Abstract

 28 June 2018

Talk Cancelled! Will be postponed and held in Winter Semester 2018!

Professor Dr. Bertram Müller-Myhsok, Max-Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich, Germany

Deciphering subtypes in response to treatment in major depression - a longitudinal approach

Read more: Abstract

  5 July 2018

Professor Dr. Johannes Breuer, Christian Winkler, M.Sc., Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Center for Pediatrics,  University Hospital Bonn, Anna Grünwald, M. Sc., Institute of Applied Medical Engineering, RWTH Aachen, Germany

Computational models for the cardiovascular system

Read more: Abstract

12 July 2018

Professor Dr. Christian Bauckhage, b-it, Bonn, and Fraunhofer IAIS, Sankt Augustin, Germany

The deep learning revolution -  Examples from Medicine and other Life Sciences

19 July 2018

Professor Dr. Peter Krawitz, Institute for Genomic Statistics and Bioinformatics, University Bonn, Germany

Deep Learning for next-generation phenotyping or rare genetic diseases



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