b-it Lecture Series - Company Portraits

b-it lecture series expands. We have created a new branch of this lecture series that focuses on company portraits. Representatives of companies present their companies to students as well as the topics they work on.

Organisers: directors and b-it staff

Venue: room 0.109, b-it lecture hall

Time: 16.00 hours (4.00 pm)

29 May 2019

 Stephan Rutz, Scopevisio AG, Bonn, Germany

 Scopevisio Software Development Internals and the timeless aspects of Computer Science you need on the job

invited by Professor Dr. Stefan Wrobel

Mr Rutz will centre on the following topics in his talk:

1. Introducing Scopevisio
2. How we (and everyone) else develops Software today (any why CS matters)
3. Real world CS case: Trigraphs for exact Textsearching (Trigraphs, Bitstreams, Deltaencoding)
4. Recommended sources for studying CS topics
5. Real world CS case: Shard, cluster and the adhoc Keyvalue Database (Linux, Hash Algorithms)
6. List of CS topics that were encountered over the years and that would be helpful on the job in general

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