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Please note: The application period has expired and the application is closed now.
Please do not send any applications at random. They will not be considered.

B-IT Research School was initiated by a grant of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia. B-IT research School then became part of the NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) Research Schools of Excellence. After the expiration of the funding period all B-IT partners continued B-IT Research School together due to its outstanding success. This will give accepted students today an outstanding opportuntinity to work within a vibrant and highly interesting research environment that was created when all B-IT partners joined research forces.

B-IT Research School offers new opportunities for excellent students of B-IT master programs in Media Informatics and Life Science Informatics to continue their studies in a PhD program, but also addresses outstanding international students from outside B-IT to apply. The PhD programs is entirely taught in English.

B-IT Research School is run by Aachen University and the University of Bonn under the participation of the Fraunhofer Institutes, located at Schloss Birlinghoven near Bonn.

Accepted students are exposed to the inspiring learning and research environments of both universities, and the participating Fraunhofer Institutes. In a 2009 survey by the Economics journals Wirtschaftwoche and Handelsblatt , the head recruiters of the biggest German companies were asked to evaluate the universities in Germany. In the ranking RWTH Aachen was selected as best university in Germany. RWTH Aachen secured a first place not only in its Informatics programs but also in four other categories (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Economics & Business Administration, and Natural Sciences). Graduates with a degree by RWTH Aachen are deemed to be best prepared for the job and are preferred to be hired by the companies. In the 2009 edition of the prestigious CHE Rating by the weekly Die Zeit , the Informatics department at RWTH Aachen again reached the top research rating as one of only four universities in the German-speaking countries. In addition to that, students will also be taught by high-level international lecturers. B-IT research School started in October 2008.

The well structured PhD programs ensure that accepted students are quickly familiar with their respective fields of doctoral research on one hand whereas B-IT partners lay the foundation of a comprehensive education on the other hand.

The approved new B-IT Research School also acknowledged the success of B-IT master's programs in Media Informatics and Life Science Informatics which have been run since 2003.

Scientific Areas covered by B-IT Research School The Bonn-Aachen International Research School of Applied Information Technology (B-IT Research School) is operated by RWTH Aachen University and the University of Bonn in cooperation with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Institute Center Birlinghoven Castle.

The research school covers a wide range, from foundations to different areas of application, including interdisciplinary topics.

B-IT Research School has a strong interest in bringing in the full pool of talent in applied Informatics and therefore strongly encourages female students and students from outside Germany to apply. The working language of the research school is English.

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