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International Program of Excellence (IPEC)


The International Program of Excellence in Computer Science (IPEC) at the B-IT offers, mainly in the time between terms, compact teaching units on the highest level. This results in a speed-up of studying and in a simultaneous increase of quality.

Target Group

The curriculum offered by IPEC addresses a limited number of highly gifted students, who are enrolled in the University of Bonn, the RWTH Aachen, or in other german or foreign universities.


Undergraduate Studies. Teaching units complementing the Bachelor programs planned at Bonn and Aachen in such a way that it becomes possible to obtain a Bachelor's degree already after the forth term.

Graduate Studies. Cross-sectional courses accelerating the Master curricula offered by B-IT. In addition, a regular summer and winter school on selected topics in computer science. These units are taught jointly with international guest scientists. Applications by foreign students are welcome.


Considerable acceleration of undergraduate and graduate studies; high inter- national visibility; contacts between students and internationally renowned scholars as well as fellow students from abroad; stimulation of competition among students.
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