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Master Programme of Autonomous Systems

The program is Germany's premier master's program on autonomous systems, and is staffed by highly acclaimed faculty members who are regarded among the best in the field. The program is proud to be home to the RoboCup team 'b-it-bots'. The team placed 1st in the World Championships @Home league in the summer of 2009, ahead of the 'eR@sers' team (Tamagawa University, Japan) in 2nd place and the NimbRo team (University of Bonn, Germany) in 3rd. This comes one year after placing 2nd in the 2008 championships. The b-it-bots were also awarded 1st place in the German Open in April 2009.The programme uses a variety of robot platforms for educational and research purposes, such as Nao, Pioneer, Aibo, Khepera, and Mindstorms, as well as a number of manipulators.

In pursuit of academic excellence and the highest possible caliber of the best applicants from all over the world, the programme charges nominal fees for tuition.

This programme leads to the attainment of the degree of 'Master of Science'. This M.Sc. in Autonomous Systems offers qualification in an innovative area of applied sciences; a highly competitive admissions process and an intensive and rigorous course of study ensures that our graduates are accorded a competitive advantage in the employment market as well as in pursuing higher studies.

Presentations by leading international guest speakers are scheduled regularly and help to further expose the students to the state-of-the-art in a wide variety of robotics-related fields. The number of seats per semester is limited to only 10 candidates, thus ensuring the admitted students a high quality education. An extraordinary level of commitment, proactiveness, self-discipline and the ability to work well under pressure is expected of candidates.

This programme is fully accredited by ASIIN, the German accreditation agency for study programmes in engineering, informatics, and natural sciences. ASIIN is a member of the Washington Accord for the international recognition of accredited degree programmes and, as such, the programme's accreditation is recognized worldwide.

Detailed information on the Master´s program is available here .

The b-it bots team won Robocup@Home in 2009

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